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All too soon it was time to leave Vieques. We’d had a wonderful trip – full of good yoga practices, good food, friendship, warm water and more. I hope to return someday. There was lots more I could have done and certainly I need another chance to practice snorkeling. Many thanks to our yoga teacher, Lindsey for coming up with the idea and organizing it and showing us this beautiful place that she has visited many times before.
Happy Trails!

Vieques is a long ways from here. In case you don’t know, it is part of Puerto Rico; an island a little bit east of the main island. To get there, we had to drive from Twisp to Sea-Tac, fly to Chicago overnight and then to San Juan. At San Juan we flew on a much smaller plane to Vieques.


Well, here we go. Off into the wild blue yonder. Deb, the house/dog sitter is here with her dog to add to our small pack and we are packed and flying across the country. Watch for some short posts and lots more photos after we return next month.


Luna says ‘that’s a lot of stuff – are you ever coming back?’


Sam says, ‘really? you’re leaving us?’

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