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This morning we helped a friend who needed his old travel trailer moved from one spot to another spot. We were told that it might not be in the best of shape and feared the worst. However its tires had air, it was all in one piece and the hitch fit on our truck with no problems. Heck, the lights even worked. Its tabs were expired so we stuck to the county roads as much as possible and crept through town at or below the speed limit in hopes that no law enforcement would notice. We got to the new home with no incident and now it sits, waiting patiently for its owner to return.



I love this logo.


Those curtains can’t be original.


Who wouldn’t want a Princess stove?

The trailer is really cute and a true classic. I wonder at the tales it could tell! I do think it could use some cosmetic restoration work. Brad says it’s functional. I found this website that gave some details of a restoration of a similar model. It’s a lot of work.

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