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Tag Archives: Winthrop balloon roundup

The annual Winthrop Balloon Roundup was this weekend. Luckily, I went Friday morning. It snowed yesterday and today so the balloons did not go up as planned. Someone said a few went up yesterday afternoon and last night they had the big balloon glow with four of the hot air balloons inflated and lighting up downtown after dark. I missed that too.

They aim to start inflating about 7 am. Before that, there is a lot of work to do, unpacking the balloons and getting the lines straightened out, hooking up the baskets, testing the burners and so on. There were lots of spectators armed with cameras and cell phones. Many people were signed up for rides too. Once the balloons were up in the air, they did not move very far as the air currents were slow on Friday. A couple made it as far as the airport to land in the nearby fields.

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