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Yesterday, for part of the day, it really, really did feel like Spring. Lots of birds were singing and announcing their territorial decisions. Red-tailed Hawks circled as I got too close to a nest. Chipmunks tormented the dogs. Much of the snow has gone and the hillsides are starting to dry out. Tiny wildflowers are emerging from the moist duff. Anthills are a frenzy of activity. Currant leaves unfurled in the sun and serviceberry reached for the sky.

Later in the afternoon, a cold wind blew off of the snow-capped mountains.


  1. Beautiful! I did garden bed prep yesterday in jeans and a tee shirt. Yay! Then, as the wind kicked up, it suddenly became dust season. Boo!

  2. Oh yeah, sure seems more like March, doesn’t it? We skied at the Loup this morning and still there is a lot of snow.

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