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Last night’s show of the Aurora Borealis was unbelievable. The lights were moving as if in a celestial dance. They glowed, made curtains, pillars, and moved throughout the sky from the northwest to the northeast and back again, sometimes filling the entire northern sky. They towered high above the horizon. They were green, red, pink and clouds glowed purple. Moonlight splashed a glowing light on the snow-covered landscape.

Yes, I am behind on my personal photos. And it’s not like I’ve been making very many lately. Here are a few highlights from our annual visit to the Salish Sea.

This juvenile Bald Eagle seemed pretty bedraggled.

Or maybe it should be End of Winter Birds or Blues. Spring doesn’t begin til Sunday in the northern hemisphere. We still have some snow on the ground but it is decreasing everyday. Say’s Phoebes and Violet-green Swallows are here along the Western and Mountain Bluebirds, Western Meadowlarks and the Dusky Grouse are making appearances too. Here are a few bluebirds and a Western Meadowlark from recent walks on our hill

This pair of Bald Eagles enjoyed some morning sunshine on one of the snags in front of our house recently. I have been seeing a lot of eagles in the valley recently. I think they are eating spawned out salmon.

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