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I’ve always loved going to the ocean but now I find that tempered a bit with the recurring images of the tsunami that rolled over the Japanese coast this spring. As I stood on the rocks and watched waves rushing in, I imagined what it would be like if they just kept coming and did not retreat. Most of the time I managed to subdue that image in my brain and enjoyed the waves and the sand and the rocks and the birds and tide pools.




Gooseneck Barnacles


Sea Anemones


Sea stars and mussels

Dungeness Crab shell


Strange colors in that deep dark spruce forest on the way to the beach


Waldport Green Bikes


Wreck of the Iredale


Fort Stevens near the mouth of the Columbia. That’s Washington across the way.


Ken got to ‘go fly a kite’

Another kind of kite flying that we did not try


Brown Pelicans

Caspian Terns – maybe some of those from the colony that collapsed due to pressure from eagles and gulls on Sand Island.





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