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Mostly just Sky. Luna was there watching. It’s hard to get old and have to stay on the sidelines.

Small shorebirds are often called peeps, especially by people that are unsure of their ID! They are wildly entertaining while they forage in the sand and follow the waves in and out on the beach. In flight, they are amazing, all changing directions at the same time. How do they do it?

For some reason, we found the gulls very entertaining. I think they are all Herring Gulls but I am no good at gull ID so correct me if I am wrong.

This juvenile Bald Eagle seemed pretty bedraggled.

We went to the beach to dig razor clams and for a change of scenery. The weather was good for about a day and a quarter and then it was all wind, rain and wind-driven hail. Oh well. We got lots of clams and the change of scenery.

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