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Is there anything better than a beach sunset?

Sanderlings are small shorebirds widely distributed around the world. They nest in the arctic tundra and winter on temperate and tropical sandy beaches around the world. They feed by running down the beach following the waves and collecting small stranded animals or probe for prey hidden in the sand.

I got to watch this flock as it foraged on the beach where we stayed last month. Fun birds to watch and photograph.

The dogs always enjoy their time at the beach. Luna is showing her age and slowing down but still gets out there and smells all the good smells and goes on all the walks.

WordPress no longer lets a user drag and drop images in a particular order in a gallery. If I make any changes, I have to re-number the entire gallery all over again. It seems a small detail but I find it entirely frustrating.

Last month, I got to spend my birthday at the beach. It was my first overnight trip since I returned from Montana in mid-October. A change of scenery is always a good thing. Even if the weather was less than ideal. There was more than one instance of sideways rain. We took lots of books.

WordPress has made the block editor the only way to create a blog post. I have to say that I don’t like it. It is not intuitive and I don’t see any easy to find help for learning to use it. There was no reason to get rid of the old editor and now I need to figure this out or find another platform for My Everyday Photos.

It’s often foggy at the beach. It is quieter. Fewer people out and about on foot or in cars and the sounds just seem muffled. Except for the surf.

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