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One of my volunteer ‘jobs’ is to be an ambassador for the Methow Valley Sports Trails Association (MVSTA). Today I was at Town Trailhead in Winthrop. It’s always interesting to visit with the skiers and give them a hand as needed and find out where they are from. During the holiday season, it is especially busy.

Last night we had a nice snowfall but then rain fell on top of it. The groomers did a pretty good job, turning the new snow into the famed corduroy surface that everyone loves to ski on. The sun came out and it was nearly like spring skiing! Too early. More snow is in the forecast this week.

There were lots of Bald Eagles and Pygmy Nuthatches for avian entertainment, two birds on opposite ends of the size spectrum.

But first, before I left the house, there was a valley-spanning rainbow (snowbow?)

The parking lot was a little bit sloppy

Early skate tracks in the corduroy

And the classic tracks ready for skiers

Skiers of all ages in their colorful outfits

And the new pedestrian bridge so you can ski to downtown, the rental shops, the pub, the art gallery and various other establishments

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  1. Teri-
    Thanks for posting these pictures and your comments. Meeting our valley guests and representing our community is one of the many ways we give back. Thanks for your contribution.
    Mike Pruett

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