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Hot air balloons graced the skies of the Methow Valley this past weekend. They launched in Winthrop, surrounded by spectators and photographers on three picture perfect mornings. Each day their flights were a little bit different. Friday morning, they drifted quickly down valley to the airport. Saturday was a little slower with some balloons landing before they got as far as the airport. And Sunday was very different. Most balloons seemed to linger above Winthrop for a while and some never did go down valley and two later ones went up valley and then down valley on our side and both went right over us, with one landing on our neighbors’ place! It was all very colorful and fun. Even after fourteen years, I do not get tired of the Winthrop Balloon Roundup.

Two very generous people, Phil and Cathy Davis, have gifted the community of Winthrop a new park! They purchased some dilapidated floodplain at the entrance to town and with a lot of hard work and money too, they changed it into a place for walking, gathering together, studying, contemplation and relaxation.

Homestream Park “is dedicated to the rivers and fish of the Methow Valley, and to the native people, past and present, who have called this place home for thousands of years.”

The park features original artwork by Smoker Marchand and Bruce Morrison. There is a kids’ lookout topped with Bruce’s carved Ospreys on a nest. A path meanders through the park, and like the Columbia River, it features nine obstacles (boulders) that represent the nine dams on the river that salmon must cross to get to the ocean and then back to the Methow to spawn. Native plants have been used to restore the area to something like what it may have been in the past.

There was a grand opening of the park just a little over a week ago. More than 300 people were there to stroll the path, study the art and listen to prayers of welcome and a few speeches and music too. It was a very nice celebration on a nice fall day.

Thank you Phil and Cathy Davis and all of the volunteers that worked hard to develop your dream.

Living in the Methow there is no shortage of fun stuff to do and often a person needs to make a choice between various planned events. This weekend is the big Rhythm and Blue Festival outside of Winthrop so there are lots of people in town. And motorcycles too. We did not go to the festival. It’s a BIG event. We stuck to smaller things.

There was the Farmers Market in Twisp in the morning. In the afternoon we went out to the Methow Valley Ciderhouse to listen to Danbert Nobacon and Anna Dooley perform in the relaxed atmosphere under the big tent. After that we went into Twisp to enjoy a couple of gallery receptions – at the Confluence and also Donna Keyser’s D*SIGNS. Later in the evening Ken did go visit some friends who live across the river from the Blues Fest and he enjoyed the music from afar.

I’m a bit behind with photos these days. Seems like I’ve been working non-stop since we returned from Canada and then when I do have a few moments for fun, I come home with more photos! Maybe someone should stop me…..

Last weekend was the vintage car/rv/bicycle event in Winthrop. The RV’s were in the Pine Near RV Park and part of the main street was shut down for the cars. I never did get to see the bicycles. We had lunch in town with friends and saw some of the specially cared-for vehicles. Like a packrat or magpie I seem to be attracted to bright and shiny objects. Don’t ask me any info about the models or years – I really don’t anything about these things. They are just pretty shiny things.



Methow Valley Pridefest celebrated LGBT Pride Month in Winthrop yesterday with a parade and fun afternoon in the park. The parade went through downtown, across the Chewuch River and ended up in Mac Lloyd Park next to the Barn on highway 20. Methow Valley Pride is creating a place where the LGBT community and allies come together to honor the history of the movement and celebrate diversity! With the recent Supreme Court ruling, this was an especially celebratory day! It was a colorful day with smiles and laughter all around.



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