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Skiing isn’t just about gliding effortlessly through the woods on groomed trails. It takes some work to get to that point. In order to get to that effortless state, I really need to be in better shape. Around here, there are lots of top notch athletes who do make it look easy. One thing I can do to make skiing easier is to wax my skis once in a while, maybe once a week if I’m not overrun with other stuff to do. Last year I began waxing my own skis in order to save ten bucks each time I took them to town to be professionally done. I may not be as good as they are but I am getting better. A small greenhouse attached to our shed is a great place to wax skis on a sunny day.

First the wax is ironed on to the base



Pink wax for the forecast temperatures. That black stuff comes from the base of my ski. Sadly, the bottom is not perfectly flat.



That’s a pretty finished surface



  1. Thanks for explaining. I never knew that. The photos helped, too. Have a great day.

  2. love the grain of the wood and the curls of the wax. great lighting it makes me feel as though I was in the shed with you.

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