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Some days you just need to get outside. Yesterday was one of those. Really, most days a person should get outside. For more than a month we’ve had pretty cold temperatures with many days hovering in the single digits and below zero so I’ve been inclined to spend too much time inside.

And then. I got a new computer and it has sucked me into this screen for hours. Fortunately Marcy called yesterday and suggested we meet up and go skiing. What a good idea! It was gloriously sunny with mountain views extending 180 degrees and powder snow. We had our dogs and they were so happy to be out in the hills again. I came back refreshed and energized. Of course, now this new computer awaits me with expectations that I will figure out all the new software and all the settings on the old software. Wish me luck.




MVSTA is still grooming the ski trails and their website says they will keep going til at least next weekend. The snow is getting thin in places but the weather is great and the birds are singing and it’s a good time to be out. Yesterday I enjoyed a ski on the Community Trail between Winthrop and Mazama – some of it along the river. The American Dippers are singing their little hearts out! Also chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and lots of others are busy claiming their territory. It’s hard to believe that in just a couple of months these woods will be full of the sounds of warblers, redstarts, veeries and vireos. That’s one way to mark changes of the seasons.


Approaching the Goat Creek crossing



Goat Peak looms above the seasonaly low Methow River. In June it will be full, bank to bank.



The clearest water you’ve ever seen. No place for fish to hide.



The suspension bridge is always a favorite stopping place



Old cottonwoods



A side channel. I’ve seen a Northern Pygmy Owl here several times this winter. Not yesterday though.



This cottonwood forest provides wonderful songbird habitat in the spring and summer.



Luna is still recovering from her unfortuante accident last November. She continues to lack stamina and may still have some pain in her lower back. However, she wants to have fun. She wants to run and play with other dogs, go to agility and be the happy girl she’s always been. We’ve only occasionally been out to Big Valley – the winter ski/bike/snowshoe/walk/dog trail between Winthrop and Mazama – this winter. Last winter she would outrun me even on my skate skis or she’d be out in the deep snow searching for voles or anything else that caught her attention.

Today was a sunny warm morning and the MVSTA grooming report said it would be done around ten. A perfect morning for spring skiing. Apparently I am not the only person who reads those reports! Numerous cars full of people and dogs showed up right behind us!


A Ruffed Grouse slowly crossed the road, one sloooooow step at a time


I think he is displaying to me. It is Valentine’s Day after all.


Luna is excited to be at Big Valley!


She starts off at a good clip



She’s always had an easy running gait



Who’s that down there?



Hi. My name’s Luna.



I’m Molly.



Don’t act silly; they are watching us.



Mike, the groomer, loves his job!



Come on, quit talking! Let’s go!



I don’t think you can catch him.



I love these aspens.



Starting to slow down after about 3k



But then, there’s the river!





I can will you to give me a cookie.



Remains of the fall





And winter’s ice



Getting real tired now



Trees. I can’t get enough of them.



There’s some of the dogs we met at the parking lot.



He doesn’t even know he’s different



Just another k to go. You can do it Luna!



Yesterday was fabulously sunny and cold at Gunn Ranch! 9 degrees when I arrived! The glorious blue skies and sunshine brought out the skiers and their dogs; lots of backcountry skiers, some snowshoers and the first ‘fat bike’ I’ve seen on the groomed trails. Luna’s tall blonde California friend was back for another day on the trail. Two dogs, a jack russell and a blonde goldendoodle came all the way from Utah to ski our trails. A husky mix puppy came from Canada. Some dogs wore boots to keep the snow from building up on their pads. No one seemed to complain about the cold and everyone had fun!


This is the first time I’ve tried the new gallery feature in WordPress. Do you like it? Or not? Let me know.

Happy New Year!


Yesterday I volunteered at the Gunn Ranch trailhead. It is one of the places where dogs are allowed on the ski trails. They need passes just like people. Luna accompanied me and enjoyed meeting dogs and being part of the fun. Some dogs were going backcountry skiing and did not need passes. It was a pretty foggy day at the trailhead. Returning skiers said that 5 k up the trail, they broke into the sunshine. Lucky them!


Backcountry skiers disapeared into this fog before emerging into the sunshine!



Luna particularly liked this blonde goldendoodle from Orange County, CA



His owners flew up with him just the day before



He likes it here



Ready to go out on the trail



One of the backcountry dogs. He was tired from the deep snow.



Some dogs have trouble with snow sticking between their pads



She’s 11!



Getting to know each other in the parking lot



Getting started going into the backcountry can be a challenge.



And they’re off.



Daisy Mae before skiing



Kavu is a handsome fellow from the west side



Frosty eyelashes were common after skiing through the fog for both people and dogs!





Daisy Mae after





Driving to and from Gunn Ranch can be a challenge in the fog.



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