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Drones and a Bride and a Hot Air Balloon in Winthrop. What a combination!

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with the big balloons. There were some winds, not that we could detect on the ground, that kept most of the hot air balloons stored in their trailers. However, the couple from Oregon was here to get married in a balloon today and Captain Krystal was not going to let them down, so to speak. Keeping the balloon tethered in a church parking lot, the ceremony went on, complete with flying drones doing the wedding photography! The bride was radiant in her long white coat and furry white hat. The groom was dignified in his black stocking hat and Carhart jacket.

Normally when I am doing wedding photography, I am getting paid for my work and it is very pressure-filled. You can see examples of that at Reflected Light. Today was fun to simply be taking snapshots of the happy occasion without worrying about disappointing clients.

The two drones were provided by the Roswell Test Flight Crew.

Here Comes the Bride!

 There were LOTS of cameras!

Thirty feet in the air with a drone hovering closeby, the two exchanged their vows.

I always love the wedding flowers – even fake ones.

The couple did their ‘formal’ portraits inside the balloon envelope!

 Gotta have a dog picture.

 The Radiant Bride!


  1. Absolutely fabulous!!!!!! And congrats to the bride and groom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

  2. LOL – that drone photography is pretty amazing.

  3. Did you notice the name on the bottom of the basket?

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