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Maybe you’ve seen that saying – Labradors don’t shed; they emit magical fibers of love and joy and I think this image proves it.

From a recent wedding I photographed in the hills above Winthrop. Soon to appear in the blog at my website.

These two have been together for nine years, engaged for four years; they’ve lived together and far apart, separated by jobs or school. They’ve lived in the northwest, the southeast, overseas. Their wedding was threatened by a not so distant wildfire. Mazama was on a level 1 alert which means, be ready, in case this fire blows up and moves closer to homes. Their home in Florida was threatened by Hurricane Irma. And yet, it all turned out. The fire cooperated and photos were made high in the mountains and the intimate morning wedding in Mazama went just as planned. Irma changed course. Sometimes it all works out.

They had considered having the entire event high in the mountains near Harts Pass however some family members were reluctant to drive the steep and windy road to the top. And with the potential fire danger, it was even scarier. Instead, they had it on the edge of a meadow at Mazama. Just the three of us drove to Harts Pass to catch the morning light and the beginning of fall colors in the alpine larch trees. Just yesterday, Harts Pass was closed to the public due to the continuing wildfire situation and Mazama is on Level 2 notice.

Since this was a morning wedding, we started early. The hair and makeup artist was there at 4:30 AM! I started working at 6. Have I mentioned that all weddings are unique? It’s true. That is something I love about them.


My website, Reflected Light Images continues to be a problem for me to fully update. Hopefully, this will be the last of my weddings to be posted here.

This joyous occasion was held at Skalitude Retreat Center in Smith Canyon, not far from Carlton. The natural setting was the perfect place for the rustic decor carefully chosen by the couple and their good friends. It was also perfect for camping, lawn games, playful puppies and high energy children. Celina and Jacob chose to have their ceremony in an aspen grove with a handmade backdrop adorned with rosehip garlands. They walked to the site together, ahead of their friends and family. In the spot they chose, their loved ones created a unity circle out of stones they carried. The loving couple pledged their vows to each other in the circle with their three month old puppy at their feet. The vows were written on birch bark collected by one of their friends. All of their food was locally sourced from farmers they know. It was an amazing day.

Click on the first image to see all of the images as a slide show.


This is not a regular post for My website, is having some issues that I just can’t deal with during this busy time of the year. So you can expect to see more wedding photos here til I can get it resolved. Maybe by November!

Last weekend there was a lovely wedding at the Mazama Ranch House. Lauren and CJ are avid rock climbers and have visited the upper Methow Valley numerous times during their courtship to practice their skills. The Ranch House is their favorite place to stay and it was a perfect backdrop for their summer wedding. Their family and friends came from far-flung locations, many visiting the Methow Valley for the first time.

I love to say that all weddings are unique – events celebrating two individuals coming together to share their lives. This one was no exception to the rule. For their wedding party, they chose their five nieces and nephews, ages one to five years old. It made for a delightful and fun ceremony! The bride was exquisite and the groom, so very handsome. The food and the flowers were perfect. The guests were full of joy for Lauren and CJ’s love. It was a perfect summer day.

Click on the first photo to see all the images as a slideshow.

This is not a regular post for My website, is having some issues that I just can’t deal with during this busy time of the year. So you can expect to see more wedding photos here til I can get it resolved. Maybe by November!

Drones and a Bride and a Hot Air Balloon in Winthrop. What a combination!

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with the big balloons. There were some winds, not that we could detect on the ground, that kept most of the hot air balloons stored in their trailers. However, the couple from Oregon was here to get married in a balloon today and Captain Krystal was not going to let them down, so to speak. Keeping the balloon tethered in a church parking lot, the ceremony went on, complete with flying drones doing the wedding photography! The bride was radiant in her long white coat and furry white hat. The groom was dignified in his black stocking hat and Carhart jacket.

Normally when I am doing wedding photography, I am getting paid for my work and it is very pressure-filled. You can see examples of that at Reflected Light. Today was fun to simply be taking snapshots of the happy occasion without worrying about disappointing clients.

The two drones were provided by the Roswell Test Flight Crew.

Here Comes the Bride!

 There were LOTS of cameras!

Thirty feet in the air with a drone hovering closeby, the two exchanged their vows.

I always love the wedding flowers – even fake ones.

The couple did their ‘formal’ portraits inside the balloon envelope!

 Gotta have a dog picture.

 The Radiant Bride!

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