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After the storm yesterday, this morning is glorious with sunshine and the promise of spring. I took my macro lens out for the morning walk and in retrospect I should have also taken a tripod and waterproof pants (for kneeling in snow and ice and puddles). There were patterns everywhere I looked. In the pine bark. Pine needles. In the ice and snow. In the frozen puddles. In the branches, leaves and unearthed roots. So much to see. After yesterday’s long struggle with SEO and finally coming to the conclusion that it’s a battle I am destined to lose, it was a relief to do what I really enjoy – make images of the patterns of everyday life – My Everyday Photos.



Dried grasses


Serviceberry leaf


Dry grass


Bitterbrush bursting into bud


Another serviceberry leaf


Pine bark scarred by what? Maybe a deer rubbing its antlers


Buds from the ponderosa pines



Even our ice-covered driveway has a nice pattern


Pine needles embedded in the ice


Tiny icebergs


A plant unearthed by the snow plow last night


Tiny green shoots of grass


Interesting miniature ice sculpture


Now this is a puddle



An ice amoeba?



Tiny fracture lines in the ice




  1. I have a distinct image of you with wet knees totally freaking over the pebbles in that mud puddle. That macro lens rocks – as do you.

  2. Laurelle – you so make me smile! Thanks.

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