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Category Archives: winter

Yesterday it was twenty below zero. Fahrenheit. It was hard to do anything outside like breathe. It was perfect to make bubbles and watch them freeze and quickly photograph them. They are ephemeral, coating themselves with ice crystals and then slowly, or quickly, deflating.

After a few days, the snow grew heavy and then it consolidated til we were limited to plowed and previously packed areas for getting around. Only one animal has moved gracefully through the deep and crusted snow recently.

Earlier in the month, we enjoyed the deep powder snow and sparkling icicles.

We have had a bit of snow here. Enough that people are worried about the weight of it on their roofs. So far, it is mostly light and fluffy and doesn’t weigh too much and our house has a pretty stout roof so we are not worrying about it. Yet.

Yesterday was just lovely! Blue skies, new snow, sparkles everywhere. New snow makes the world seem fresh again.

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