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Before we left on vacation, there was still a foot and a half of snow in our yard. Our road went from slush to ice to mud depending on the temperature each day. Walking was difficult because the snow was soft and wet.

When we returned on Sunday the snow was all gone and wildflowers were starting to bloom. We were grateful for spring.

Yesterday, all that changed. Someone’s burning brush pile got away and fire raced up the hillside pushed by high afternoon winds. As I drove home from town I could see the flames on the hillside above our house and I could see that our neighbor’s place was threatened. I wondered if there would be a road block and worried about the dog that was still in the house. In my driveway I found a person in a phone company truck who had been knocking on doors to warn people. When he realized no one was home and there was a barking dog inside, he stayed in case he needed to get her out of the house. There were many fire trucks and firefighters already in place and a bulldozer too. Their response and hard work kept the fire from spreading more. Our neighbor’s place was spared because he has a good sized expanse of gravel around it.

Hopefully the bitterbrush and wildflowers will come back and we won’t see an invasion of noxious weeds.


The scene from here on March 27


It was a hot fire that luckily, was contained by hard work and lots of water.


At the neighbor’s place. The burning pile in the background used to be five cords of firewood.


The fire burned all around his place


Our house is down the hill from this point 



Here is a link to a video of the fire and firefighting efforts.



  1. Wow, scary stuff! Glad everything turned out ok for you guys.

  2. Fire is frightening, and the scenes from your photos shows it’s ability to destroy

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