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Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina is a must-see stop if you are in that part of the country. According to its website

In 1931, Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington founded Brookgreen Gardens, a non-profit 501(c)(3) garden museum, to preserve the native flora and fauna and display objects of art within that natural setting. Today, Brookgreen Gardens is a National Historic Landmark with the most significant collection of figurative sculpture in an outdoor setting by American artists in the world and has the only zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums on the coast of the Carolinas.

We had half a day to spend there as we were pushing on to Florida as part of our week-long roadtrip. I would suggest that if you get the chance, you should plan for two or more days at Brookgreen. It is that large with so much to see. The sculptures alone could take a whole day. And the formal gardens, the natural areas, the art gallery, the various animal displays and there is even a butterfly house. We missed that.

We were there in the middle of the day with high harsh light. It was hot and humid – probably the most humid day of our trip. Not the best conditions for making good images. We were pretty well spent by the time we left and headed down the road to Savannah.

My first alligator sighting of the trip

I love these delicate irises

Layer upon layer of lush growth

This sculpture was very popular

Patterns in light, water and foliage

There are many contemplative spaces at Brookgreen

Live oaks and Spanish moss


Frogs, doin it next to magnificent pool with another cool sculpture


Lots of lizards like this anole climbing on Diana

I wonder what kind of butterfly this will become?

There are several sculptures of Diana and she is always vengeful

Diana’s dog

Poppies – another favorite of mine.

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