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I managed to get in one wildflower walk last week after the big rain. Everything was sweet smelling and lush with new growth. Lots of birds and insects to amuse the ears and eyes and pollinate the flowers too. This is the time of year when change happens constantly as the hillsides become more green with new grass, the flowers add color and the light changes all day long. Spring is a time of renewal for all of the senses.






Lupine – waiting for sunshine and warmth before it shows us its lavendar petals


Shooting Star


More Balsamroot


Serviceberry bushes have covered the hillsides with their white flowers like frosting on a cake!


A honey bee on a waterleaf. Another portrait of this bee may be seen at my other blog.


Leaves of a Bitterroot grow and disappear before the delicate flowers appear.


Never too much Balsamroot

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