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Today there were at least two noteworthy events in the Methow; well I’m quite sure there were more – I only got to these two!

MVSTA had its 32nd annual Sunflower Relay – a marathon lenth race that can be run by iron men and women OR teams of two to seven runners. I helped with bibs and at one of the aid stations. It was a fine morning to run from Mazama to Twisp through the forest and over the balsamroot covered hills! All the participants seemed happy and full of energy.

Later I stopped in Winthrop and took in the 49ers Days Parade. This parade features more horses than any other parade in Washington State. I think the numbers were a little down this year however there were MORE Roller Girls and I think maybe more bikes than usual.

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the Methow whatever activity a person was doing!


 The runners go through lots of dixie cups full of water and power aid.


This team dressed the part for the Sunflower Relay!


The Candy Man is a fixture in this parade. I’ve heard that his coat weighs over 30 pounds!


Here’s Julie leading a gang of young Methow bikers.


And the Methow Roller Girls gave demos of the sport of Roller Derby!







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