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I know it’s probably hard to believe but in addition to doing tons of personal work in my photography, I also am a professional photographer. Recently I was hired to create cover and featured photos for Methow Arts quarterly Arts magazine. They always feature a local artist and in this valley, there are lots to choose from. This season Julie Wenzel, creative director at the Merc Playhouse was the featured artist. I love the theatre and photographing there so it was a good match for me.

Here is Julie with her two month old baby directing a rehearsal of a readers’ theatre.

More photos from our shoots can be seen at my Reflected Light Images blog.

The Methow Arts article can be seen here.


  1. I’ve really been enjoying you’re photos, especially the ones from your trip east and this one of Julie. Thanks for making your art accessible.

  2. Congrats Teri. This sounds like a good gig!

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