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There I was in my bog boots, bathrobe and heavy down coat. The temperature was well below freezing at 4 am today. The dogs decided I was nuts and they went inside and back to bed. I stayed out til almost 5:30 when the mostly eclipsed moon dropped below the ridge above us. Like they said it would, it had turned very red and lovely. We are lucky to have dark night skies here in the Methow Valley so we can enjoy our celestial world.

More of my nearly monochrome world. Grays days give definition to shapes on the plain backgrounds of snow and sky. There is still much beauty to absorb.

It seems like the snow just recently melted and yet, already everything is dusty so this morning it was lovely to wake to the smell of petrichor – the pleasant smell that comes with rain after a dry spell. Thanks to Mary Ann for sharing this word with me. It’s just a very light rain so things will not be moist for long. I’ll be watering tiny garden plants again tomorrow or the next day.

The dogs and I had a nice slow walk around our hillside. I am still nursing a sore back so I don’t do anything quickly. It was a good opportunity to study the small plants growing in our normally arid landscape.

In March we are often blessed with bluebird skies and great ski conditions. This year is no exception, in fact it might be better than usual. With all the new snow last month, MVSTA will probably be grooming miles and miles of ski trails throughout March. Cold nights make for firm trail platforms and good crust skiing and bluebird skies call you to leave the computer behind and go outside.

Yesterday MA said that Big Valley was being groomed and we ought to go and take the dogs. Her dog, Frida will pull her for a real skijoring experience. I think Sky will be trying that next winter when she is full grown. That puppy is now well over fifty pounds and almost seven months old. At the river yesterday she had her first swimming experience! That’s a red letter day for any Labrador. She took to it just as I expected – with vigorous energy. Now we know why she has such big feet – they are her paddles.


We walk at home just about everyday. Even if we have a bigger outing, we will often do a quick loop just so the dogs can get their yaw yaws out and I can stretch my legs. And on a sunny day like this one – we go for longer walks.

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