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Last year I went to Blue Lake twice in the fall so this year I wanted to make sure and get there during its short summer season. The snow has only recently receded and still covered the trail in one place – maybe an avalanche chute. There were still a couple of small icebergs floating too. And given that the weather up there on Thursday was cool and cloudy, it was very early in the short summer for Blue Lake. Winter is the major force in the North Cascades, lasting from October through July; well that’s when there is snow on the ground.


Looking towards the lake outlet


And back at the talus slope still mostly covered with ice and snow


Small iceberg. My hiking partner said it would be fun to swim out to it and climb up on it. She didn’t do it.


Luna swam


Chilly on the trail. Down in the valley it was near 90.


These elephant’s head lousewort, Pedicularis groenlandica, were blooming in a bog at the trailhead, along with white bog orchids, Platanthera dilatata



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  1. wow looks gorgeous

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