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Ken and I packed the dogs and the trailer and headed up to Lost Lake this week. It was a great escape from the heat and computers and cell phones and a chance to listen to the loons and play in the water and sit around the campfire. Ken fished. I paddled my boat. The dogs swam. We slept in. It was nice.


Nice brook trout


Common Loons nest on Lost Lake (watch for more loon photos in an upcoming post)


Lots of dragonflies


Still a few wildflowers blooming


an aster


Morning light


camp coffee


This old dock has seen better days


Many, many squirrels to drive Luna crazy


We always eat well while camping


Brook trout cooked en papillote


Typical scene in the Okanogan Highlands near Molsen


Ken found this leech in Sidley Lake. I’ve never seen one before. He thinks they are native.


The leech with a friendly dragonfly


Sam in Sidley Lake. This old dog does better in the water than on land.


Luna’s ‘wet’ look


We visited the old ghost town at Molsen. This is an old printing press.


Water lillies and cattails at Lost Lake


Lost Lake is one of my favorite places.


  1. Lakes are nice.

  2. Oh yeah. I suppose if I could have a house anywhere, it would be on a lake. My dogs would like that.

  3. Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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