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Ok, I admit it. I like my dogs. And I like to photograph my dogs. Especially when they are having fun. These dogs love to play in the water. Sam, the brown one, just loves to swim. It takes all the weight off of her old sore joints and she is once again mobile and she remembers her glory days of youth and good health. For her sake, I wish we lived on a lake. Luna loves to swim after something we’ve thrown. Tennis balls are her favorite. In hot weather she can do this longer than we can throw the ball.





What Luna lacks in grace and style she makes up for with enthusiasm.


Look at those ears! No wonder she gets water in them.


I love how the water comes off of her in sheets.


Sam displays calm determination.




I got it, ok? I got the job done. I’m a working dog.


Just swimming for fun on a hot afternoon.



Look – I can get the job done too.



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