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The snow has a frozen crust and it’s easy to walk across the top of it. This is great because much of our road is covered in ice and treacherous for walking. Yesterday, the girls and I walked to the top of the hill. We haven’t been there in many months. The views are outstanding and sometimes we get to see coyote or deer but not yesterday. We did see new survey markers and new fencing with new ‘no trespassing’ signs along it. A bunch of the land up there is for sale or has already sold so we can expect changes in the future. Change is inevitable.

Speaking of change, Willow looks more and more like a dog but still has a puppy brain. Sky says she is an alligator and maybe we should return her! Willow is quite playful and Sky has never been playful so sometimes the puppy is a bit much. Willow adores Sky and wants to do everything she does, plus have lots of fun. She does stay close and mostly comes when called. We have many training opportunities with her.

We enjoyed the sunshine and cold temperatures and endless views. We also noted that some of the deciduous trees and shrubs STILL have last year’s leaves. Most notably, serviceberry (or Saskatoon), aspen and elderberry. Some of the aspen trees’ buds are already swelling so the leaves need to go!

Willow got to romp with the curly redheads of the Good Girls’ Club the other day. They had lots of fun running on our muddy roads. Willow hopes to get her official invite into the Good Girls’ Club soon. Next time they get together, Willow will be taller than Rozie, that for sure. Sky felt old, watching them run up and down and refused to be in any photos.

We have had a January thaw with rain and permanently gray skies, giving us a premature mud season. This morning, everything is frozen so winter should get back to normal soon.

When I set out to see if and when lab puppies might be available, I never dreamed it would happen so fast. I sent out inquiries Thanksgiving morning and had two responses that day! I was looking for a female dog that would be on the small side for Labrador retrievers. One respondent said they had two males that would be 70 to 75 pounds. Hmmm, not what I was looking for at all. Sky averages about 63 pounds and I was hoping for less than that. The next person had a twelve-week-old chocolate female that she thought would be about 55 pounds, full grown. Twelve weeks is not ideal. Most puppies go to their new homes at seven or eight weeks. The breeder had considered keeping her and changed her mind. When she sent a photo, I was smitten. So cute. We made the grueling 36 hour trip across two mountain passes and back to pick her up. As you might imagine, Sky is not always happy with her and sometimes has to tell her what’s what. On the other hand, puppy loves Sky and wants to do everything she does. I do expect them to be good friends as time goes by.

Her name is Willow. She is confidant and smart and affectionate.

A few members of the Good Girls’ Club got together to enjoy a fall meeting/walk recently. Topics on the agenda included fall colors, sticks, pine cones and cold water. Since Luna no longer attends these meetings, there were no notes taken so we will never know what decisions were made.

Dogs don’t care about the weather, too much.

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