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Yesterday was Luna’s sixth birthday! It just doesn’t seem possible that she’s officially middle aged. What does that make me? We celebrated with a hike to Cuthroat Lake – a gem of a lake in the North Cascades. It’s an easily accessible trailhead off of highway 20 and it’s only a two mile saunter to get to the lake. I’ve only been there once before, years ago and in the middle of summer. The mosquitoes chased me away in no time and I never returned til yesterday. Fall is definitely the time to visit Cuthroat Lake. The trail was not overly busy yesterday, surprising for a three day weekend with fine fall weather.


Beautiful colors


On the trail


Most of the small creeks are dry.


After no rain for weeks on end, the trail is very dusty


They needed a break




Frozen bubbles


This grass was still frosty at midday


Fall larches color the forest


Ken had to wet a fly


Luna thinks maybe this is a little boring


That’s a tiny trout


Luna’s not sure if this is the highlight of her day


More pretty


Birthday girl with her birthday buff


Fall lighting is the best


Love the way it lights up the larches


A breeze ripples the clear water


More fall colors


Ice crystals force up through the moist soil along the shady side of the lake


The water is so clear – there is no sneaking up on the trout


Blue and yellow – my favorite color combination


Larches are my favorite trees




And still more pretty




Mom and baby sister


Lots of local Methow folks made the trip to Cuthroat Lake yesterday.


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