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Friends are visiting from Iowa this week and we are busy showing them the highlights of the valley and Ken is trying to take Paul to all the great fishing spots, despite the fact that steelhead season didn’t open when they thought it might. Little trout from streams and big trout in lakes will have to suffice for this visit. Yesterday we drove to Slate Peak and hiked around the basin below it and enjoyed the fall colors and migrating raptors. We saw Rough-legged Hawk, Prairie Falcon, Northern Harriers and some unidentified accipitor. Later the guys caught small trout in a beautiful mountain stream while Corly and I went to see spawaning chinook salmon in the Methow River. It was a lovely day.


Luna is practicing on the edge of Slate Peak for her upcoming agility trial


The last of the blue sky days


Smoke from the lingering wildfires creates some hazy conditions that doesn’t quite block the view of Mt Baker


Ken and Corly are dwarfed by the Pasayten Wilderness stretching off to Canada


Ken and Paul have been friends for 25 years and though they seldom see each other it’s as if they were together all the time!




This is the basin I hiked through a month or so ago. See that here.


Slate Peak Lookout


These sedimentary rocks show that while we were over 7000′ elevation, this land was once underwater.


Lunch from the Rocking Horse Bakery, Mazama Store and a local orchardist served on a lichen covered rock!


Does Luna really like Paul so much or is she considering his lunch?




Fall colors in an old burned forest


No shortage of cameras


If a tree falls in the forest…………


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  1. I love the Autumn colors in the photos and seeing Ken in some of your day trip photos. I am glad you are out enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.

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