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Do you have a favorite tree? I have favorite tree species such as larch (otherwise known as tamarack), aspen, ponderosa pine; depending on my mood and the season. But a favorite individual tree? I’ve admired this tree as long as I’ve been driving up and down the Methow Valley. It is between Methow and Carlton. I think it’s a maple tree, standing alone, near the highway. In the fall it turns a kaleidoscope of colors eventually, all red. I know, it’s a non-native, ornamental but still it has a stately grandeur that I enjoy when I go down valley.

This is how it looked today.



    • Posted October 19, 2012 at 6:47 pm
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    Dear Teri,

    I agree, it’s a beautiful tree. Send me your photos anytime. I love them.

    I have many memories of wonderful trees. In my wide travels, the baobab trees of Africa stand out, but in my native Washington there is an island in the glacially-fed Cowlitz River, on the Eastern side of Mt. Rainier where there are 6-8 species of trees that exceed 10 feet in diameter. Awesome. It is only a short hike (~ 1/4 mile), mostly level, from a road off of the Chinook Pass Highway to the “Grove of the Patriarchs”. I highly recommend it.

    By the way, my favorite poem about trees is: “I Saw In Louisiana A Live-Oak Growing”, by Walt Whitman, from his book, “LEAVES OF GRASS”. I have it memorized, and think of it often. Ah, purr.

    Best, Eric

  1. Beautiful honoring of one of the great sights in the Methow, Teri. Thanks! /Nancy

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