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Today the dogs and I walked a different route from usual. We went down the draw on the west side of our property, following the deer trails through the brush and scattered pine trees. No person has walked there for sometime. The deer use that area frequently and sometimes the dogs wander down that way but not often on their own.

I found this egg, lying in the trail under a pine tree. It is completely intact as if it had been recently laid.


It’s a pretty good sized egg – not from a song bird.


Here’s a view giving a fairly accurate impression of its size.

Do you know what bird laid this egg? Most birds around here lay eggs in the spring. Is it possible it’s been in an abandoned nest and only recently fell to the ground, without smashing? I know that crossbills can raise families anytime of the year as long as there is a steady supply of food but this egg is too big for a crossbill and I have not seen them at the feeders recently. The pines closest to this are pretty tall – fifty, maybe seventy feet. I’m not very good at estimating height. All comments on this are appreciated.


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