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Recently when I was complaining about the dreariness of the weather, a friend pointed out the lush colors of the season enhanced by the light and the moisture. She compared them to colors from the days of Fuji film – my favorite when I was shooting film – and she was right. During this season I can always see something to photograph and it’s challenging to get me to stop. Here are a few images from around our place.

Peony leaves


Sweet pea


Kohlrabi leaf


Dried sunflower still standing


Sunflower leaf


Bearded iris leaf


Maple leaves


Siberian iris leaves




The deer have eaten most of the aster flowers


Echinacea (cone flower) dried on the stem


Echinacea still blooming


More red leaves


Johnny jump up


Bearded iris pod




  1. Lovely! Thanks for our daily dose of the Methow!

  2. Such beautiful images! Great job at capturing all the different colours and textures of fall!

  3. I love seeing the beauty of Mother Nature in your photos. It is a stress relief for me to look at your photos. I was wondering if you have any of the Johnny Jump Up seeds. I have not been able to find any in the general seed racks and my Mom really likes them because Johnny was my Dad’s name. When the weather is gloomy as it has been, I seem to notice the vibrancy of the shades of green and the imagry of light does seem more enticing and lovely.

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