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This time of year it is difficult to find good walking places. They are either covered in soft, unpredictable snow, or slush and mud, or just plain mud. The girls really like a little variety in their lives so I do try to get them out and about to various places. This morning we visited a small piece of public land on the river. It was a mix of soft and hard packed snow, very wet slush and occasionally wet ground. They were ecstatic. And Sky found sticks. Lots of sticks. What more could she want? Luna found smells. Lots of good stinky smells. It was a perfect dog walk.

Winter is letting go very quickly. Signs of Spring are everywhere. I put away all my ski stuff and got out a hummingbird feeder. Even the light is different. Where it is no longer reflecting off of snow it has a warmer quality. The ice on Patterson Lake has retreated from the shore leaving behind leaves and other remnants of last year.


Bubbles frozen in ice at the edge





Melted snow reveals a crayfish shell



Tree pollen swirls with meltwater and last year’s leaves











This one remains firmly in the ice. But not for long.



Luna and I walked at the Twisp Ponds this morning. She is still recovering from her unfortunate incident on Sunday so I am trying to keep her calm and it is not always easy. The leash helps but then I was also carrying binoculars and my big camera in addition to making a few shots with my phone. It was a bit of a juggling act. Luna needs to recuperate for one to two weeks before she can get back to being Luna again. It will be a challenge. Rimadyl helps.

Cottonwoods reflected in an opening in the ice


Grasses frozen in time


Frosty leaves on a bridge in black and white


and color


Whose nest?


The only bird I saw this morning. I heard crows in the distance


Remains of a bird


Frosty oregon grape in black and white


and vivid color


Remains of a paper wasp nest. Where do they go in the cold months?


Ice near the bridge


Recently when I was complaining about the dreariness of the weather, a friend pointed out the lush colors of the season enhanced by the light and the moisture. She compared them to colors from the days of Fuji film – my favorite when I was shooting film – and she was right. During this season I can always see something to photograph and it’s challenging to get me to stop. Here are a few images from around our place.

Peony leaves


Sweet pea


Kohlrabi leaf


Dried sunflower still standing


Sunflower leaf


Bearded iris leaf


Maple leaves


Siberian iris leaves




The deer have eaten most of the aster flowers


Echinacea (cone flower) dried on the stem


Echinacea still blooming


More red leaves


Johnny jump up


Bearded iris pod



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