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Despite the calendar, it really is winter now! Christmas Bird Counts started this past weekend and last night we received nearly a foot of new snow! My first CBC was the Bridgeport circle, about fifty miles south of here. That meant a very early start to meet the other volunteers and find out which area we needed to cover during the short daylight hours available this time of year. The weather started out gray and then went to misty and then to snowing hard by mid-afternoon. Despite that, we saw lots of fun birds and enjoyed the company and celebrated with a wonderful dinner shared with all of the counters. Many thanks to the organizers and compilers for a fun day. If you want to learn more about Christmas Bird Counts, see this link.

Some areas of Douglas County can seem pretty remote


This cow wanted some company


Foster Creek in Douglas County. I think the green plant is watercress.



The neighbor’s snow measure stick


We have a reliable snow plow service and needed it today


A little bit of color


Luna reluctantly broke trail


Too much fun in the snow!


It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it!


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  1. Beautiful!

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