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Today I skied from Brown’s Farm to Mazama, had lunch and skied back; a distance of about 20k. For me it’s a good sk;, for others it’s just an average day. It’s a mostly flat stretch of the Community Trail along the Methow River. Along the way I was able to see quite a few interesting birds – a Belted Kingfisher, American Dippers, a large (200 plus) flock of Common Redpolls, Ravens, Mallards, Mountain and Black-capped Chickadees, Red-breasted Nuthatches, an unknown diving duck and a Northern Pygmy Owl. Soup at the Mazama store was Brazilian Black Bean served with avocado cream and salted baguette and quite satisfying. Temperatures were a little bit warmer, into the twenties today. Feels downright balmy after all the single digit days.


This dog is the official greeter at Brown’s Farm. I should know his name by now.



A gray day seemed perfect for black and white



The Methow River



Soup and bread at the Mazama Store.



I really, really need a longer lens for the little camera.




  1. Looks like a great day of skiing. I love your stuff! kb

  2. The dog’s name is Henry. Maybe now I will remember it.

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