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MVSTA is still grooming the ski trails and their website says they will keep going til at least next weekend. The snow is getting thin in places but the weather is great and the birds are singing and it’s a good time to be out. Yesterday I enjoyed a ski on the Community Trail between Winthrop and Mazama – some of it along the river. The American Dippers are singing their little hearts out! Also chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and lots of others are busy claiming their territory. It’s hard to believe that in just a couple of months these woods will be full of the sounds of warblers, redstarts, veeries and vireos. That’s one way to mark changes of the seasons.


Approaching the Goat Creek crossing



Goat Peak looms above the seasonaly low Methow River. In June it will be full, bank to bank.



The clearest water you’ve ever seen. No place for fish to hide.



The suspension bridge is always a favorite stopping place



Old cottonwoods



A side channel. I’ve seen a Northern Pygmy Owl here several times this winter. Not yesterday though.



This cottonwood forest provides wonderful songbird habitat in the spring and summer.



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