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More signs of Spring each day now. Yesterday the dog and I went for a steep walk above the bottom of Pipestone Canyon. I had thought about walking up the canyon but the access road is still muddy and snowy in places. Best not to even try to drive on those conditions. The bird highlight was a couple of Dusky Grouse. They should be displaying soon. Western Meadowlarks sang as we walked. It was overcast and a little chilly.


The view looking up towards Pipestone Canyon.



A nest from last year high in an old bitterbrush. I had to hold the camera above my head to get pictures.





The name of this flower has slipped my memory. Hopefully it will return soon.



And I don’t know this tiny pink bud emerging from the crusty soil.



Balsamroot buds



And the first wildflowers – bluebells.


Funny, I haven’t seen any buttercups yet.

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