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You never know what you’ll see around the next corner or in the next grove of trees.

Morning walks with the dogs are the best.

Last week the girls and I stopped at a location down valley to scout for possible morel hunting grounds. We had limited success but a pleasant walk.

It’s that time of year when every time I go for a walk, I see something new. The dogs do too. But they are keen on movement. Voles underground. Deer and coyotes on the far hillside. Grouse doing their spring dances.

On Thursday I had to look at the calendar to remind me that it was only February 8! The temperature reached over fifty degrees, Fahrenheit! It was shirt sleeve weather when we should have been wearing down coats and heavy boots. Ken’s honeybees felt the warmth and flew out of the hives in great numbers, searching for something new to eat, fresh water, fresh air and goodness knows what else. The bees were everywhere and Luna didn’t like it. She had to go inside since she’s been stung more than once and goes out of her way to avoid any contact with the honeybees. Sky and I enjoyed the nice afternoon, poking around the yard, finding reminders of last summer, and she even posed for pictures.

The snow has been rapidly melting for the last ten days or so and where there was nearly three feet in late January, there is barely a foot now and none in the forecast. It’s colder today but with full sunshine, should be a nice day to be out and about.

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