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Good tools are a joy to work with and can make mundane tasks easier and quicker; allowing more time for fun and creativity. For me, cutting mats is a mundane and sometimes frustrating task. I’m not very good at straight lines and right angles. My old Logan mat cutter has been useful and it was a good thing for me to start my mat cutting experience but it wasn’t always accurate and sometimes it didn’t hold the boards and well, I didn’t always like it. When I saw on our local electronic bulletin board that the frame shop was selling a big work table and a C&H professional mat cutter at a great price, I had to go see it. I think the table excited me as much as anything. Just the idea of having that much space for projects was enticing. Not only could I use it for matting and framing, it would be great for book making. I have done a few handmade books in the past and would like to do more.

The problem with this whole idea was how to get it out of the shop, to my house, and into the basement workroom that I use. Ken was reluctant but he could see that I really wanted it and his brother was coming in a few days and Carl is good at figuring out the best way to do things like this.


The previous work space. Some plants have to go. Anyone want an angel-wing begonia?



This is a great table. Ken was able to use it in its smaller configuration for his computer work station. I was prepared to try to sell it and relieved that we had a place for it.



Ahhhhh, empty space.



Here is the table at the frame shop. I am not using the paper holder on the right, in case anyone needs one.



And here at home, making the first cut – a board for Carl to use a template for drilling holes for our new deck railing (another post on that coming up soon)!


And here I am framing photos for the next show at the Winthrop Gallery!



Many thanks to Carl and Ken for doing the heavy lifting and assembly. And thanks to Tom from the frame shop for showing me how to use the new mat cutter. It’s a good tool.

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  1. That is a GREAT table! and the view and window space and light are perfect. Exciting, especially since you really did need it. Congratulations : ) !

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