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The trail to Blue Lake is easy to get to and the short distance – 2.2 miles – makes it a popular destination. From my house, it’s less than an hour to the trailhead, all on paved highway. No bumpety bump roads to contend with. Yesterday’s weather forecast showed thunder and lightning all morning and into the afternoon but, like as often happens, the forecast was wrong and the storm passed by ten am. I met Juliet in town and we were off to relish a few moments in the mountains together before we both get busy going in opposite directions.




  1. Blue Lake is always so beautiful! Once we met a women’s hiking group from the West side on the trail, they had a 90 year old member making the hike with their group. It was great!

    • It is such a terrific hike. Most folks can do it and the reward is so good when you get there.

  2. Fantastic pictures, looks like it was a great day for a hike.

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