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I’ve been busy the last two weeks – there was a lovely wedding to photograph out on the ski trail and of course lots of computer work following. And this week I needed to produce a newsletter too. Now that I’ve finished both of those projects I can go on to some personal stuff. The dogs and I have had a few walks with friends and one evening this week I got to take a pasta making class at Tappi, a wonderful Italian restaurant in Twisp. It was a small class – just five students – taught by the owner and cook who learned cooking from his mother. I love that he cooks by feel, not so much with recipes; that’s how I cook. He showed us some cookbooks but then went on to say he doesn’t use them although some were obviously old and well-thumbed through. For the pasta, he said one egg per serving and enough flour to absorb the egg. How much flour? Well that depends on lots of stuff – how big is the egg, how humid/dry is it, how warm/cold are your hands, and so on. For the three sauce he showed us, he gave us a list of ingredients and approximate measures and then he showed us how he makes them in his own kitchen. There was Emma’s (his mother) , Diavolo (the devil) and Carbona (yes, there was bacon in it, lots of bacon) sauces. And the best part of a cooking class is the eating! To go with the three pastas, he fixed us a lovely salad with a nice chevre and roasted buttercup squash and red onions from the brick wood-fired oven and it was all paired with wonderful wines from Italy. By the time we finished eating, well after 9 pm, I think everyone was very satisfied with the evening.

Here are a few images from my cell phone. It was all too good NOT to photograph!

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