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Sometimes it seems like it’s always cold, overcast, rainy and windy but last week there was a little break.

Lots to see in this community. This little natural area is right on the outskirts of town and a worthwhile walk anytime of year.

I took my camera for a walk about in Twisp yesterday. Here are a few things that I saw. The flowering trees are lovely right now. The dachshund was across the street and when he saw me, he put on his purposeful look and marched across the pavement, sniffed me once, and turned and walked back. I guess I passed muster.

I had a nice walk near the confluence of the Twisp and Methow Rivers last week. New snow blanketed the ground and the sun was shining brightly. Fortunately I remembered to bring some filters.

I had an errand that took a while in Twisp the other day so I whiled away my time with a walk in the park. I was socially distanced from people but not with the trees.

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