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This week the valley has been mostly enshrouded in thick cold ice fog. Thanks to abundant web cams I figured out that up on the Loup (Loup Loup Pass) there was sunshine and twice I went up there to escape the fog. Not only was it sunny but the trails are not icy like they are in valley and the low lying-hills. That is because we have been under the effect of a weather inversion. This means that high pressure and warmer air are trapping the fog and cold air down in the valley and it is warmer as you go higher in elevation.

This is one goofy winter.


  1. I don’t know why they named the peak “Oval” either. The lakes have an oval shape, but I doubt if they named the peaks after the lakes.

  2. Hmmm – I don’t see where I can edit my comment. I meant “peak” not “peaks”.

  3. I did the same on Saturday – skiing at Mission Ridge – Blue skies, sunny, warm, fantastic! Almost felt like a dream after I drove back to Wenatchee.

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