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I’ve spent much of the first half of January right here. Staring at this screen. Rebuilding my website. It was a painful process – mentally and physically. Now it’s done. More or less. There’s always something more that could be done. And goodness knows, restoring all of those blog posts is on my ‘to do’ list. But for now it will have to wait. Take a look at Reflected Light Images if you are interested to see what I do when I’m not doing this other stuff.

There have been a few brilliantly sunny days but in general it’s been gray. There has been some new snow so skiing conditions are generally good whether for cross country or downhill. Ken and I made a trip to the Loup Loup Ski Bowl last weekend. It was a long ago gift from him to me and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could still do it. Tomorrow I have a wedding to photograph at the Loup and I am feeling confident about my downhill skills and looking forward to another fun day.

Sky and I traveled to an agility event last weekend. On the way, we stopped for a walk on the cross country ski trails at Loup Loup Pass. The western larch (tamarack) trees were marvelous with their golden needles. The ground was damp and smelled good. It was a nice way to start a trip.

We had a fun time at the event. Sky had three qualifying runs, all blue ribbons and a new title.


This week the valley has been mostly enshrouded in thick cold ice fog. Thanks to abundant web cams I figured out that up on the Loup (Loup Loup Pass) there was sunshine and twice I went up there to escape the fog. Not only was it sunny but the trails are not icy like they are in valley and the low lying-hills. That is because we have been under the effect of a weather inversion. This means that high pressure and warmer air are trapping the fog and cold air down in the valley and it is warmer as you go higher in elevation.

This is one goofy winter.

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