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Last week the dogs and I drove across the state and met Ken for a few days of razor clam digging. He’d been working on the Olympic Peninsula and the timing was good for a clam season. These seasons happen about once a month between November and April on the Washington coast. In addition to clam digging there was lots of other fun on the beach. Ken fished for surf perch. His brother joined us for one night. Our friend Mary Ann and her dog Frida and her friend Linda spent two nights there. The dogs loved running and chasing balls on the beach. Sky became seriously addicted to the ‘chuck it’ toy. We had some seriously good weather for February and some normal overcast and rainy weather too.

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  1. Labs and balls go together, especially those orange and blue rubber “chuck it” balls. My yellow lab Maggie wants the ball to go on our daily beach walks, even if I only get to chuck it 2 or 3 times; the rest of the time she carries it, sets it down to seriously smell something, sometimes forgets to retrieve it so that I have to ask, “Where’s your ball?” She cocks her head then dashes off to find it.

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