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We went out to the Washington Coast to dig razor clams at the end of last month. Clamming was good the first three nights (yes, clam digging at night, in January) but then it slowed down for us. Still we managed to eat lots of them. I even made razor clam ceviche for the first time (yummers!) and we brought some home for the freezer. It was a good time.

During the day, we enjoyed long walks on the beach and Ken did some fishing for surf perch. The first two days we had some sunshine and a little bit of rain and then the last two days, it just rained. Oh well. It was January on the coast. We tried to see the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse but a thin and then a thick overcast mostly obscured it.

Some stuff from the beach. The blue jellyfish-like creatures are Velella velella, also know as by-the-wind sailors. Sometimes they get caught up in off-shore winds and end up on the beaches, dying and leaving a slippery and if it’s warm enough, stinky mess. Fortunately for us, it was not warm when we were there. You can read about them here. The first time I saw them, there were one or two here and there and by the time I left the beach, vast swaths of sand were covered with them.


We spent most of last week at the beach.

One of my favorite things – sunset on the beach. A comfy chair on the deck, a glass of wine and dogs by my side. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The light at the beach is so inviting for photography. Maybe it’s just that it is so different from the mountain light where I live. It’s a different color and certainly less contrasty even when the sun is shining. Maybe from the moisture in the air? I return from beaches with lots of photos of just the beach, the waves, the sky – big empty canvases with little detail it seems. But there is so much to see if you look closely. Flotsam and jetsam from the sea and beyond. Birds. Anglers. Algae or seaweed.

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