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It has been a week since the brief lightning storm went through north central Washington and small fires began burning. Now, 7 days later in Okanogan County alone 250,000 acres and 150 homes are in ashes. And the fires are not contained. More than 1000 fire fighters from around the country and countless aircraft are working to protect the landscape and homes. All power is out in the Methow valley. The only way to access the Internet is with a smart phone or tablet and service is sketchy. Communications are very frustrating. We are safe in our house for the moment. There were a couple of days when we were ready to flee if the fire across the valley advanced to the county road. Many folks are homeless so while we may feel inconvenienced or uncomfortable because of the smoke we really have nothing to complain about.







  1. Saw Ken on the Channel 4 news yesterday and thought about all of you, hoping you were safe and property intact. In all the past posts here you have shown how the land restores itself after fires, so I can only hope it does so again…without more loss of life and properties.

    Stay safe…wish you were out here on the coast where our sunny morning just clouded over.

  2. Oh my those are lovely and frightening photos. We are definitely thnking of you. Glad to get your post. Hug each other for us.

  3. Glad to see you were able to post some photos and info on how you’re doing. Constantly looking to see how close the fire is to you.

  4. We are well. The power has returned and communications are returning to normal. Many people in other parts of the valley have suffered greatly and the lower valley and side canyons will be without power for an indefinite amount of time. Additionally there is a huge loss of wildlife habitat and we are sure to see animals struggling to survive this winter.

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