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It has been a week since the small lightning storm went through north central Washington and small fires began burning. Now, in Okanogan County alone 250,000 acres and 150 homes are in ashes. And the fires are not contained. More than 1000 fire fighters from around the country and countless aircraft are working to protect the landscape and homes. All power is out in the Methow valley. The only way to access the Internet is with a smart phone or tablet and service is sketchy. Communications are very frustrating. We are safe in our house for the moment. There were a couple of days when we were ready to flee if the fire across the valley advanced to the county road. Many folks are homeless so while we may feel inconvenienced or uncomfortable because of the smoke we really have nothing to complain about.







  1. Teri,
    I had been waiting to hear more from you but I know the whole region has power outages. Thank goodness you and your husband, the pups and the bees are still at home and safe. Here in Kettle Falls we have had some choking days of smoke and ash fall. We are really hoping that the rain happens, especially for your sake.

  2. Hi Elaine – things are gradually returning to normal. The power has been restored in the upper half of the valley while the lower valley and side canyons will be without for some time to come. Much wildlife habitat has been decimated by the fire and we are sure to see the consequences this fall and winter. The rain came at a very good time for the fire fighters and much headway was made on containment. Still, much remains to be done. I imagine there will be some smoke til the snow flies. The ranger reminded folks that this is just the beginning of fire season.

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