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Yesterday morning Ken saw a Great-horned Owl roosting on our porch when he went out to the kitchen. It did not stick around. This morning I awoke to the sound of angry robins and wrens and I thought that the owl must be back.

Thinking this might be a good photo opportunity, I stayed in bed waited for the sun to come up but it never really got bright this morning. This is because of wildfires burning in British Columbia and other parts of Washington.

Finally, I quietly walked out to the kitchen not even talking to the dogs and sure enough, that owl was perched on the snowshoes hanging above the deck. Robins were constantly hollering at it and occasionally dive bombing it. The dogs went out the front door and back via the porch and the owl just watched them from above.

I got a few images and came up here to process them. A few minutes later I went down for my tea and the owl was gone but the robins were still pitching fits about it. I looked around and found it on the bird bath and got a few more shots while it evaded the robins and then returned to the snow shoes. It hardly seems to be sleeping with all the robin ruckus around here. I wonder how long it will stay?


  1. Very cool series of photos; I also like the way you have set up the pools to accommodate the birds…even the perch stick! It must feel good on his/her feet.

    • The birds and also the bees, really like having water around. This heat is hard on everyone.

  2. Reminds me when I had those GH Owls and their babies all around our yard about 5 years ago.

  3. Amazing ! As a wildlife photographer, I must tell you how extremely fortune you were to have witnessed this … and you got some great images.

    It’s very difficult to photograph owls as they are nocturnal, and to find one during the day willing to pose is exceptional. And to find one perched on your porch is mind blowing.

    Great job ! I should be so lucky.

    • Yes. Much of wildlife photography is being in the right place at the right time and this was truly remarkable. Thank you.

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