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A few things I’ve seen in recent days.

The snow melted in a hurry once it got started and now everything says Spring! Including today, the howling winds.

More winter birds hanging around our place. Pine Siskin. American Goldfinch. House Cassin’s Finch. Evening Grosbeak. Red-winged Blackbird. Bald Eagle. And my favorite of this group, White-breasted Nuthatch.

This is a Red-tailed Hawk. Redtails, as they are commonly called, come in a variety of colors but most have similar patterns that ought to make them easy to identify. For beginning birders, they do present challenges. This bird is a light colored, first year bird. It was born last spring. The next time it molts (replaces its feathers) it will have a distinctive red tail which will make it easier to identify. Sometimes Redtails are very dark and the patterns are not always obvious. It is the most commonly seen hawk in our area.

We often see Bald Eagles from our house flying by or perched on trees and snags down below the house or along the river. So when my friend from out of town noticed an eagle perched on a snag in the yard, at eye level from the dining room table, we just thought it was an immature Bald Eagle. We had about a minute to watch and I made a few photos through the not very clean, window with the closest camera I had before it flew. While examining the photos last night, I kept thinking, that is not a Bald Eagle. In fact, it’s a Golden Eagle! Ken saw it perched below the house later yesterday so maybe it’s sticking around. I’ll be watching every eagle more closely now!

Snow has been falling since the wee hours of the morning. I think the forecast said it would end by midday but it only slowed for a bit and then kept coming! We have been waiting for the snow for a while and no doubt, will be tired of it before it all goes away. Ski trails are getting groomed and we will soon be out there with all the other snow lovers in the valley.

In addition to new snow, the Fed Ex driver (after getting stuck on our driveway) brought me a new camera! Not many things more fun than a new camera. Well, maybe a puppy but we are not looking for a puppy right now.

So I ventured out in the snow. Finches crowded the feeders and didn’t mind my presence. The dogs were not so sure about staying out too long, especially Luna. They were somewhat cooperative.

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