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This dog was found running on our road about halfway between Twisp and Winthrop not far from the highway. I’d guess he weighs about sixty pounds. He is an unaltered male, very friendly but has no manners. He is wearing a collar without a tag. I took him to my vet to see if he has a microchip and he does not. I’d really like to get him back to his owner.

If you know where he belongs, please let me know.

lost dog 2




  1. Handsome boy; hope he goes home soon.

  2. He lives in the yellow house on highway 20 between the twin lakes turn and hoot n hollar.

    • I took him there today. No sign of his owner and no place to keep in a fenced yard. I imagine he will just keep running. I feel for the dog. He is a sweetie but needs attention and training.

        • Sierra
        • Posted September 3, 2015 at 3:25 pm
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        I know, its unfortunate. I live in the house across the street and am always just waiting for him to get hit. He is such a sweetie with so much potential. I feel bad, but the owner won’t do anything about it 😦

  3. He lives in the yellow house on highway 20 between the Twin Lakes turn off and Hoot N Hollar.

  4. I understand that the owner may have to leave and there is a potential foster home for Pokey! He is a sweet dog and I’d love to see him happy and healthy.

  5. Pokey has been neutered and received some training. He is responding well to the training and is being placed in a foster home! This is the best possible outcome for this friendly fellow!

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