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SW Trip part five


This was my first opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon. We spent two full days on the south rim and as you might imagine, I had way too many chances to make photos. It was hard to know when to stop. Consequently, I have more photos from the Grand Canyon than the rest of the trip combined, I think. Well, close to it.

So this first part is just some highlights or first impressions for me. Of the visitors’ centers my favorite was the Kolb Studio. Two brothers started it in the early 1900’s. Their bread and butter photo was of tourists riding the mules down the Bright Angel Trail. They built their studio on the rim of the canyon so they could point a camera out the window as the riders paused at the first switchback on the descent. And then they worked to get the film developed and prints made to sell when the visitors returned. This sounds like a business model that has repeated itself over the years. We enjoyed a ranger tour of the Kolb Studio.

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